Cedarvale is a family-owned and operated winery since October 8th, 2008, run by 4th generation farmer, enologist, and viticulturist Ed Gaventa and tasting room and events manager Marsha Gaventa with help from their two sons Chris and Andrew.

Their story begins on a fruit and vegetable farm filled with peaches, nectarines, strawberries, watermelon, sweet corn, cantaloupes and more. In 2004, Ed began growing grapes, and the transformation began shortly after. The farm was put in Farmland Preservation, which funded the building and necessary equipment to build a winery. Within just two years, the winery was bursting at the seams, which prompted the addition of a new production room. What was once simply a farm has evolved into 8 acres of grapes, several acres of soybeans, and a rustic winery filled with family and friends.

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Cedarvale Winery Fun Facts

In 2004 our first vineyard was planted
The winery opened Oct. 8, 2008. All of our grape wines are estate grown. All our fruit wines are grown locally. We do not add any artificial flavors, coloring or fragrances.
Cedarvale winery is a fifth generation farm.
This farm has been in the Gaventa Family since 1905
Mom & Dad Gaventa didn't know we were opening a winery until we broke ground.
Ed’s parents were strict non-drinkers, so when the winery was being built, they were the last to know. In fact, they were totally against it when they found out. Needless to say, the risk was worth it.
Our fist vineyard is planted a mile from the winery. It was common knowledge years ago that this property was used to make moonshine.
The previous farm owners would make moonshine then fill a truck which they surrounded the jars with fresh produce and drive into the city. There also was a runway for airplanes at this property. Back in the day they would crop dust from above.
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