Our Wines

Our Wines

Villard Blanc

White wine, Grapefruit-like acidity with hints of honey.  Pairs well with grilled shrimp, fish and garden salad.

Pinot Grigio

Dry White wine, medium body, hints of lemon lime and melon, crisp finish.  Aged in stainless steel.  Pairs well with seafood, light pasta and assorted cheese combinations.


Dry white wine aged in American Oak.  It is medium bodied, fruit flavors such as apple, pineapple and citrus.  Full buttery finish.  Pairs well with chicken dishes, fruits and various cheeses


Dry Red wine with black cherry, raspberry and plum flavors.  Aged in American Oak for two years.  Medium tannin, medium acidity.  Pairs well with chicken and other light meats as well as lightly spiced dark meats.

Cabernet Franc

Dry Red, medium bodied, acidic, accents of tobacco and dark spice.  Green Pepper flavors.  Aged for two years in American Oak.  Pairs well with tomato based dishes, goat cheese and spinach


Dry Red, high acidity and low tannin.  Hints of black cherry, black pepper, tart red fruit and chocolate.  Aged in American oak for two years.  Pairs well with grilled chicken, pork and raspberries


Sweet Red, light, crisp, jam flavor, mixed berries.  Pairs well withberry fruit and light cheeses.


Made with local blueberries.  Medium body, light acidity.  Semi-sweet fruit wine.  Pairs well with light cheeses and Vanilla.

Cherry Table Wine

Semi sweet red, tart cheeries, cherry pie flavors.  Serve chilled with sweet and sour dishes.  Substitute wine for water in a brownie mix.  Add to Hot Chocolate.

Strawberry Table Wine

Sweet Pink wine, strawberry jam, made with local fruit.  Serve chilled.  Pairs well with butter or vanilla ice cream

Apple Table Wine

Made with a medley of apples, smooth yellow apple front, crisp green apple finish.  Served chilled or warm.  Pairs well with cinnamon

Nectarine Table Wines

Light crisp white wine, made with local nectarines.  Hints of peach and nectarine.  Pairs well with mild cheeses, light flavored fruit.