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Our goal is to create an atmosphere and share our passion for winemaking with our family and friends. Please feel free to check out some great memories made here at Cedarvale



 Villard Blanc – Pinot Grigio

Chardonnay – Merlot

Cabernet Franc – Chambourcin

Concord – Blueberry

Cherry Table Wine – Strawberry Table Wine

Apple Table Wine – Nectarine Table Wines

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Two Bridges Wine Trail

A trail of New Jersey’s best wineries.

“This winery is a little piece of heaven in the middle of the country in southern nj surrounded by vineyard and farms.”

Cyndi Janise
Cyndi Janise

“We walked into Cedarvale Winery and Ed welcomed us and we felt like family. We were then introduced to Marsha who ensured we had an amazing time!”

Holly Handt Rafferty
Holly Handt Rafferty

“This little gem is a lovely place to relax and sip the evening away! Delicious libations, tasty Hors d'oeuvre, with a comfortable, cozy feeling of home. ”

Eagle Author Cynthia Frazier
Eagle Author Cynthia Frazier
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